Puaada (2021 film) Trailer & Details | Cast | Ammy Virk | Sonam Bajwa | 2nd April | Punjabi Movie 2021


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Director: Rupinder Chahal

Writers: Anil Rodhan, Anil Rodhan

Stars: Sonam Bajwa, Ammy Virk

Country: India

Language: Punjabi

Release Date: 2 April 2021 (India)

Production Compony : AA Advisors, Brat Films, Zee Studios

Puaada (2021 film) Trailer

Puaada (2021 film) Lyrics

I had said yes
on seeing your photograph.

I just wanted a simple girl like you.

Sorry. I just laughed out
when you said simple girl.

Who is he?

He is my ex-boyfriend.

Don’t disturb us.

Just give me my mobile
and I will leave.

Which mobile?

Didn’t you sell two out of the three
to buy clothes from Zara?

You bought clothes for me.

Yes, I bought clothes for you
along with watch.

“Your complexion is so fair
and you have a cute face.”

I just come to deliver milk to your
house from the other side of the city.

And on top of that I give butter
and cottage cheese complimentary.

Tell me, what else should I do?

The groom’s family will come and eat
fritters made from this cottage cheese.

This means you will say yes to anyone.

Yes. Even I feel like
wearing wedding bangles.

Only I will make you
wear wedding bangles.

This man will just pour milk.

“Hey, beautiful girl!”

“Hey, beautiful girl!”

“Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing.”

“Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing.”

“Hey beautiful girl,
you look amazing.”

You can impress a girl
who has done MBA.

Can’t you impress her father also?

Please take milk.

What is this?


Bacteria enters milk.

Milk already has bacteria.

Uncle has very good general knowledge.

Do we have to eat this
or will this eat us?

Hey! Pull it…

I had asked you to impress my family
and not to make them laugh.

How will that girl be good,
whose father is such?

I am not going to keep her
in my house.

Dad, life partner should be good.

There is no problem whether
he is from the city or village.

But if an educated daughter-in-law
will come home

then your grandchildren will speak
English as soon as they are born.

Call them

but tell that milkman
not to be very hopeful.

The girl is more beautiful
than her mother.

She is studying MBA.

Can you cook food or
will you fry books and serve us?

Tomorrow we shall come
with Ronak’s uncles.

What is the hurry?

It is matter of marriage and we will
not say yes just after seeing the girl.

What the heck?

It has been two years.
How much time do you need?

We cannot get married forcefully.

Do not stand waiting for me anymore.

I will not stand. Let’s go from here.



Just ask everyone to leave.

If I lift my gun then
no one will be able to go.

Even we have not come empty handed.
Show it to them, dear.

They will follow us on seeing the boy.

Get lost. Don’t consider
yourself as Tom Cruise.

Good bye.

Shall I beat you?

Get lost. I will thrash you hard.

“His work may stop.
His destiny is very strange.”

“Sometimes stops…”

Dad is right in saying

that whenever an illiterate person
speaks he speaks senseless.

I have come to know
about your brains.

It is totally empty.
Only garbage is filled in.

I have heard that the girl’s father
is very troublesome and irritating.

Aunt, the entire
village hears from you

from where did you
hear about her father.

I think you gave
Laden’s address to America.

Stop or I will shoot.

“Where should the young man go?”

“The problem has come up.”


There is no milk. Come tomorrow.

I am Ronak’s daddy here,
Air Force Officer.

Greetings, uncle.
Shall I make tea for you?

Open the gate first. I am in hurry.

The gate has got rusted and
it will take time to open. Look!

I know Ronak is at your house.
Open the gate.

Why would Ronak be at my place?

We have not made
arrangements of marriage.

Puaada 2021 film

Puaada (2021 film) Cast

1Sonam Bajwa
2Ammy Virk
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