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Rating: 4 out of 5.


A boy born with wings must hide it from society, until an incident forces him to use them. His orphanage and his love interest are the only ones who know about his gifts.

Directed byMahesh Narayanan
Produced byAnto Joseph
Written byMahesh Narayanan
StarringFahadh Faasil
Nimisha Sajayan
Joju George
Music bySushin Shyam
CinematographySanu Varghese
Genres Biography, Drama, Thriller
Anto Joseph Film Company
Distributed byAnn Mega Media Release
Release date13 May 2021
Budget₹27 crore

Malik Official Trailer

Malik 2021 Cast

1Fahadh FaasilSuleiman
2Nimisha Sajayan
3Joju George
4Maala ParvathiParvathi T.
5Dileesh Pothan
6Salim Kumar
7Meenakshi RaveendranSulieman Malik’s daughter
8Vinay Forrt
10Dinesh PrabhakarDinesh Nair
12Divya Prabha
13Sudhi Koppa
15Devaki Rajendran

Malik 2021 Lyrics

It’s an area where two minority
communities are staying in large numbers.

Should we deliberately create
a communal riot there?

He is perfect, Madam.

We’ll be able to make him do it.

  • You should kill someone there for us.

It’s someone you know.


He had decided to stop
everything and go on pilgrimage.

No one has to kill each
other here in his name!

Sulaiman prays 5 times
a day, without fail.

So if you pull his neck
from behind with this,

he’ll be gone in a jiffy!

As long as there are people who
come to pray at this mosque,

they can’t even touch Ali Ikka.

He won’t be able to do it, sir.

No one from Ramadappalli
would be able to do it.

I can’t send much forces in there,
without any provocation.

I have to get a complaint
from there, about some issue.

Sir, if I’m caught,
they won’t spare me.

Sulaiman did that
for my brother.

Be it the police or anyone else,

they would need our people’s
permission to enter this place.

We know how to
protect this land.

‘Allah is the greatest’

‘Allah is the greatest’

‘Allah is the greatest’

‘Allah is the greatest’

‘Allah is the greatest’

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