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Rating: 4 out of 5.


DirectorSri Krishna and Rama Sai
ProducerKaushik Kumar Kathuri, Rama Sai
ScreenplaySri Krishna
StorySri Krishna
StarringRaamz, Swetaa Varma, Jay Chandra
MusicSmaran Sai
DOPKartik Parmar
EditorRana Prathap
Production CompanyAvasa Chitram,Raasta Films
Release Date2021

Pachchis (2021) Trailer

Pachchis is an upcoming telugu movie starring Raamz, Swetaa Varma, Jay Chandra along with other artists. Directed by Sri Krishna, Rama Sai and produced by Kaushik Kumar Kathuri and Rama Sai. Music of Pachchis composed by Smaran Sai and editing of the movie done by Rana Prathap. The movie is scheduled to release on 2021.

Pachchis Cast: Cast: Raamz, Swetaa Varma, Jay Chandra, Ravi Varma, Dayanand Reddy, Keshav Deepak, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Vishwendar Reddy

Pachchis (2021) Lyrics

You’ve been working with us since 2014…

Whom are you investigating?

What’s his name?


All I lost is 30k…

I could have won five times that.

How’s your luck tonight?

How much do you owe him?

Ten lakhs

Seventeen lakhs…

Starting to feel the heat?

How much did you take?

25 Lakhs

One Crore

Five Crores

What’s with that cop’s sister?

I hear that she started her own investigation…

It is not that easy to look into an undercover investigation.

Finish it

An undercover cop, a girl and you are the hero…

I have seen so many films like this

You can’t win the lottery, if you don’t buy the ticket.


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