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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

One 2021

Directed bySanthosh Viswanath,
Produced bySreelakshmi.R
WritterBobby & Sanjay
Murali Gopy,
Joju George,
Nimisha Sajayan,
Gayathri Arun,
Shanker Ramakrishnan,
Ishaani Krishna,
Genres Drama, Thriller
CinematographyVaidy Somasundaram
Edited byNishad Yusuf
Ichais Productions
Release dateApril 2021

One Malayalam Movie Trailer

One Movie Cast

1MammoottyKadakkal Chandran
2Murali GopyMarampally Jayanandan
3Nimisha SajayanLathika
5Ranjith(as Renjith)
6Joju GeorgeBabychan
7Renji Panicker
8Mathew Thomas
10Balachandra Menon
12Salim Kumar
13Sudev Nair
14Gayathri ArunSeena
15Shankar Ramakrishnan

One Malayalam Movie Lyrics

This incident, that created
widespread ripples in the State…

…is now at a turning point

When you have a barber’s son
as Chief Minister…

…you should expect this and more!

There are some here who tremble
at the very mention of the CM’s name

What else can we do, Sir?

  • Are you even human? – Anyone
    can do anything to people like us…

…and no one will bat an eyelid!

Get a firm grip on that chair
you are sitting on, CM

Your downfall…is not far

Kerala has a Chief Minister…

…and his name is Kadakkal Chandran!

He has a feeling he is above everything

How to find ways to oppose
the Government…

…how to disrupt law and order
in the land…

…these have always been the concerns
of the Opposition everywhere!

If you dare to touch any of my MLAs…
it will be a whole other ballgame, Chandran

There is something you need to understand,
CM…for us…the Party is above all!

The voters did not elect us
to this position…

…just to nod and say yes to everything
the CM says

If this affects the Party or its survival
in any way…

…I will not stand with you

I am ordering an enquiry anyhow

And if found guilty, there will definitely
be consequences

I am not just a Chief Minister
for these 15 lakh people

I am a Chief Minister for all 3.5 crore
people of Kerala!

  • Politics is no longer about serving
    the country – Right!

It is an industry!

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