Kaadan – Review – Trailer – Rana Daggubati, Vishnu Vishal

Kaadan 2021

They are far wiser than us.

They are so emotional,

very caring!

So, all these elephants are grandpa’s friends?

Yes, dear!

You’ll also take care of them like a friend,
won’t you? I certainly will!

Do you promise me?
Promise, dad!

Listen, this area is a No Development Zoneā€¦
reserved forest.

Human trespassing is strictly prohibited here.

I, Kurinjinathan.

As the minister of Forest.

This is my jungle.

Starting tomorrow, we are going to build a 6 km long walk
around the township

to keep the wild elephants out.

Chhotu, come on!

Not 6, make it 60 km long.

Dear lord, what should not have happened has happened

This route is for elephants.

They have been using it for centuries.

This wall has been built to ruin our
age-old relationship with the elephants.

This wall is built here for a purpose.

A refinery plant is being built here
which will provide employment to 400-500 people.

That minister is targeting everyone,
one after another.

The next target is going to be you.

My battle will continue until I save each and every elephant of this Jungle.

Run, the elephants have broken in!

Don’t come here!

Sorry, but I am not a traitor like you think!

No, you’re not a traitor.

You’re worse than that.

Go, stay happy forever!


Why are you ruining the country?

Let’s go

Sir, can I get a detailed interview on this issue?

“Human intrusion in the home of elephants”

Do you have the guts to put a headline like this?

That was a good headline!

Cackles Hastily

Every time fighting,
crazy humans!

Kaadan 2021


Credited cast:
Tinnu Anand
Rana DaggubatiBandev
Rajesh DubeaySpiritual Guru
Balaji Mishra
Ashwin Raja
Ankur Rastogi
Robo Shankar
Vishnu Vishal
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