Jathi Ratnalu (2021 film) Cast| Trailer & Details

Jathi Ratnalu

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The plot revolves around the three prisoners. They get released and plan for a happy life outside. Things take a new turn and bring in a twist. Can they find happiness and love now

Directed byAnudeep KV
Produced byNag Ashwin
Written byAnudeep KV
StarringNaveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi Rahul, Ramakrishna,
Genres Comedy
CinematographySiddam Manohar
Time 01:45
Swapna Cinema
Release date11 March 2021

Jathi Ratnalu Trailer

Jathi Ratnalu Lyrics

60% in 10th grade.
50% in 11th.

40% in Engineering.

So bad!
-That is why I didn’t do Masters.

They call me Ladies Emporium
Srikanth. So embarrassing!

Srikanth Ladies Emporium!

What did you say your name was? Lakshmi?


I know it’s Ratnamala.

Champa? Champa, huh.
-Bugger off!

What do you do?

Ladies Empori…


Any drinks, sir?
-French Wine.

French Wine with?
-With… English subtitles.

I’m losing my mind!

What is this, Chitti? Why are you
talking to these bloody criminals?

According to Indian Constipation,
I’m still uncriminal till proof.

It’s Constitution, man!

We’re the coolest batch
in the Chanchalguda jail.

2008 batch.

I came out of station on some work.
-What?! Police Station?!

Huh? I said out of station and
you heard it as Police Station?

What is our enemy’s enemy to us?

Eternal Enemy!
-He becomes our friend, you fool!

Bro, going by my imagination,
we should go North to be safe.

You guys are gems!

Sir, you’ve got power.
We’ve got brains.

Are you saying I haven’t got brains?
-Just saying we haven’t got power.

Do you have a lawyer
to argue on your behalf?

We shall argue our own case, Your Honor!

Why don’t you pass the verdict as well?
Let’s get out of here, man.

Jathi Ratnalu Cast

1Naveen Polishetty
3Rajsekhar Aningi
4Vennela Kishore
6Keshav Deepak
7Rahul Ramakrishna
8Faria AbdullahChitti
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