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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Irregulars

GenreCrime, drama, Mystery
Created byTom Bidwell
Based onThe works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
StarringHenry Lloyd-Hughes,
Royce Pierreson,
Clarke Peters,
Thaddea Graham,
Darci Shaw,
Jojo Macari,
McKell David,
Harrison Osterfield,
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Original languageEnglish
Executive producersTom BidwellGreg BrenmanJude Liknaitzky
ProducerRebecca Hodgson,
Production locationUnited Kingdom
Production companyDrama Republic
Original networkNetflix

Release: TV Series (26 March2021 )

The Irregulars (2021) trailer

The Irregulars (2021) Cast

Series cast
28Thaddea Graham Bea, 8 episodes, 2021 
27Darci Shaw Jessie, 8 episodes, 2021 
26Jojo Macari Billy, 8 episodes, 2021 
25McKell David Spike, 8 episodes, 2021 
24Sheila Atim Tooth Fairy, 8 episodes, 2021 
23Mark Hugh-Williams Bookie, 8 episodes, 2021 
22Harrison Osterfield Leopold, 8 episodes, 2021 
21Clarke Peters Linen Man, 8 episodes, 2021 
20Royce Pierreson John Watson, 7 episodes, 2021 
19Grant Crookes Lower Class Stall Holder, 6 episodes, 2021 
18Henry Lloyd-Hughes Sherlock5 episodes, 2021 
17Maud Druine Olive3 episodes, 2021 
16Ansu Kabia John Cooper 3 episodes, 2021 
15Matilda Rayman3 episodes, 2021 
14Colin Thompson Lower Class Male / …2 episodes, 2021 
13Manoj Anand Middle Class Professor, 2 episodes, 2021 
12Charles Armstrong Mr. Bannister, 2 episodes, 2021 
10Anthony Barclay Dave Oliver2 episodes, 2021 
9Neil Barnes Victorian Policeman, 2 episodes, 2021 
8Yui May Cheung Middle Class Woman, 2 episodes, 2021 
7Alex Ferns Vic Collins, 2 episodes, 2021 
6Olivia Grant Patricia Coleman-Jones, 2 episodes, 2021 
Juliet Hartley Beth, 2 episodes, 2021 
5Lisa Dwyer Hogg Sister Anna, 2 episodes, 2021 
4Akhtar Hussain Middle Class Gentleman, 2 episodes, 2021 
3Tina Louise Owens Linen Man Victim / …2 episodes, 2021 
2John Alan Roberts Reporter, 2 episodes, 2021 
1Shane Senior Drill Sergeant, 2 episodes, 2021 

The Irregulars (2021) Lyrics

My business partner and I
have been watching you

from our apartment
on Baker Street.

Your sister has a gift.

She can see things
normal people cannot.

-That’s the doctor’s name.

John Watson.

He knows much more
than what he’s telling us.

Some strange things
have been happening recently.

221B Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes.

What do you think
happened to him?

Sherlock Holmes
doesn’t exist anymore.

What the hell
have you got us involved in?

Someone has opened a Rip.

The barrier between
our world and the next.

What the actual…

-It’s coming back. Run!

People are getting strange powers.

A demon walks amongst us.

So long as we can fight, we fight.

So if we don’t find the Rip
and close it, we’re doomed?

He’s the key to all of this.

I’m gonna prove it and end it.

-I don’t want this.

This is just the beginning.

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