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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hey Prabhu 2

Hey Prabhu 2: Social media wiz kid and Gen Z Rockstar, Tarun Prabhu is back with a bang! But so are his problems… be it with the love of his life, his parents, his bosses or his intimate life. In this season, we see Tarun Prabhu try and stumble from solving one dysfunctional aspect of his life to another. The question remains, kya Prabhu apne pairon par ‘khada’ ho paayega? Or will it end with only one thought in everyone’s mind – “Hey Prabhu!”

Cast: Rajat Barmecha, Parul Gulati, Achint Kaur, Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, Sonyaa Ayodhya, Pryanca Talukdar, Rituraj Singh, Grusha Kapoor, Devdutt Dani, Ashish Bhatia, Raj Bhansali and Neha Panda

Hey Prabhu 2​: releasing on 26 March.

Hey Prabhu 2 trailer

Hey Prabhu 2 Lyrics

Son wait, when do you want to be a filmmaker?

I think it’s the only medium where
I feel like I can express myself.

I really like to take my emotions and
my feelings and put them up on the screen.

Look Hasan, you just keep working hard,
and never be afraid.

Never give up.

Why would you get into such a great school

and choose to study something with no real chance of a job.

You can still stay here until you make some arrangement.

You’re a really talented brother.

If anybody can make it happen, it’s you!

You’re a fighter!

Wow! You just started school
and you have a job already?

Just don’t tell mom where I work.

Where are you from?

Uhm! I’m from Daryaganj.

Oh! It’s in India.

How you liking L.A?

Work and everything is…
you don’t get to see much.

You know you’re really brave.

Just leave home takes real courage.

You come here to beg and steal!

You come here again, I’m calling the cops.

Take some time off and go back to India may be.

Sort out your financial things and
come back when you’re ready.

What’s gotten into you?

Stop thinking that you can save me.

Perhaps for some of us it’s just that
the journey we can only look at from a wide shot.

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