Aarkkariyam (2021 film) Cast | Trailer & Details | Biju Menon


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Director: Sanu John Varughese

Writers: Arun Janardanan, Rajesh Ravi

Stars: Biju Menon, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Sharafudheen

Release: 3 April 2021 (India)

Genres:  Drama

Aarkkariyam (2021 film) Trailer

Aarkkariyam (2021 film) Cast

1Biju Menon
2Parvathy Thiruvothu
3Shara fudheen
4Saiju Kurup
5Arya Salim
6Thomman Mankuva
Aarkkariyam (2021 film) Cast
Aarkkariyam Lyrics

Where is Chaachan?

He has been getting calls about
this non-stop, since afternoon.

Once you cross the bridge,
you can see a Church.

The third right turn
after the Church.

Shirley will reach on the 19th.

  • What about Sophie?
  • She will also come.

You had the time to
chip this and eat it.

If you keep chipping like this, it
will come off when you grate it.

We used to drink here,
because we were scared of him.

You taught us Math in 8th grade, sir.

I’ve gotten caned
by you many a times.

So you would have been
really weak at Math.

You could have told him
this back then itself.

When he’s drunk, he’s a
different person altogether.

Do they know anything
about business?

If we sign an agreement,

will you have cash in hand
to give us an advance?

I didn’t tell him that
when he called that day.

Why should I increase
his B.P. in vain?

These are all God’s doings.

What do we know of His plans?


There would be situations in life,
in which we can’t do anything.

We should learn to leave
it to God and stay calm.


Just a minute.
I’ll call you back.

Who knew that I would have such
a necessity in this old age?

I’ll call you once I get the cash.

  • What will we do for the money?

What will we tell Shirley?

  • The amount of love you have for Shirley?

I have the same towards her.

If we leave on the 7th….

This is his plan.

He can see the past and the
future at the same time.

People like us understand
the past only when we reach the future.

‘Who knows!’

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