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VFX                           7.1/10
IMDb                         SOON/10☆ (Votes:00 )
Rotten Tomatoes              
SOON%  (Votes:00 )
In Theaters:              14 August 2020 (USA)
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In                            2D,3D,4D
Director            Patty Jenkins
Run Time            2h 05 minutes
Rating Symbol     – ☆ NR
Writer                     Patty Jenkins
Awards                           0 wins ☆
Age                     15+
Genres                   Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Budget                       $200 million
Box Office                 Coming soon
1 Day Collection                ( USA- $ soon million )
( India- ₹soon Crore )
( Worldwide- $ soon million )
1 Week Collection                ( USA- $ soon million )
( India- ₹ soon Crore )
( Worldwide- $ soon million )
Studio:                    Warner Bros. Pictures
Production company                   Atlas Entertainment
The Stone Quarry
Mad Ghost Productions
Produced by                Charles Roven
Deborah Snyder
Zack Snyder
Patty Jenkins
Gal Gadot
Stephen Jones
Starring                     Pedro Pascal, Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen
Cinematography                   Matthew Jensen
Edited:                     Richard Pearson
Country                     United States
Language                  English 
Music By               Hans Zimmer
Film Location    » Landmark Mall, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

wonder woman 1984 (2020)

Second part of wonder woman ,in which she is going to face two new villlains in the beautiful era of 1980’s; Maxwell lord and cheetah having impressive strength and abilities.

Gener : Action, Fantasy , Adventure


Date : 25th December 2020 (worldwide)

Director: Patty Jenkins

Music Director: Hans Jimmer

producer: Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Jack Snyder, charles Roven, Deborah Snyder

Budget : 20 Crore USD

Cast : Gal Gadot, Pedro Pascal, connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Gabriella Wilde, Ravi Patel

writer : Geoff Johns, Patty Jenkins, Dave Callaham

Duration : 2 hours 31 Minutes

Detailed Information:

This Film has been set to release on 7 different Dates until Now. First it was announced to release on December 20th 2019, But due to release of ‘Star wars :Rise of sky walkers ‘on the same date Wonder woman 1984 (2020) release date moved to 8th November 2019. Just After that James Bond Movie No Time to Die was announced to release in November in the same week, Then WW84 Was pushed by 7 months to release on 5th june 2020, But due Covid-19 Pandemic it was delayed and now set to release on 25th December 2020.

The role of cheetah was previously offered to Emma Stone But she declined it. And later it was offered to Kristen wiig as she was the first choice of Patty Jenkins (Director). And as we watched in trailer steve Trevor is back in this part of Wonder woman. Although we don’t know anything about his revival we all are very excited and happy after seeing him in the trailer.In fact ,i got Goosebumps when i first saw him in the trailer. In an interview Director Patty Jenkins revealed that the story couldn’t be possible without steve Trevor. And the New trailer also revealed that trevor doesn’t know anything about the new technological changes that happend during nearly last 70 years as you can see he was very surprised when he come to know about Radar technology.

This time it will be reverse because Diana will teach him how to dress ,about technological changes and other new developments in his own country. In this new part of ‘wonder woman’ Diana will be fighting against two powerful villains; The Cheetah (starring Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (Starring Pedro Pascal). The character of Maxwell Lord was first intrduced in DC Universe in 1987 as a billionaire villain with mind control powers. In the comics Diana killed him and broadcasted his death to the whole world as an inspirational event. In the new trailer you will notice a lot things like malls, digital watches , Atari and infomercials which belongs to the period of 80’s. In this installment of Wonder woman you will watch cultural and traditional things of that period. In an interview Director told that 80’s was ‘the pinnacle of our civilization’.

Patty Jenkins described the film’s character ‘cheetah’ Barbra Minerva (Kristen wiig) as both ‘sweet’ and ‘friendly’ to Diana in the beginning, but these qualities will reverse by the end of the movie.

According to the jenkins most of shots are ‘real’ with real people in the real environment. Even though some shots in the trailer looking like computer-generated. Gal Godat at CCXP fan event said,”we shot most of it and it was not easy to do, but it was amazing.

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