Without Remorse – Review Trailer | New Amazon Original Movie 2021

Without Remorse

What we know…

Senior Chief Kelly
is the third member to be attacked.

Three perps are dead.

Also killed was his wife.

They better hope
he doesn’t survive.

Why’s that?

He is more dangerous and effective

than any man
we have in the field.

They took everything from me.

These were foreign attacks
on U.S. soil.

We have to respond.

I’m gonna make it right.

There’s something inside of me…

that I can’t turn off.

A part of me
that won’t stop for anything.

No remorse.

Has it occurred to you that

perhaps John Kelly

has done something we can’t?

Some situations warrant
thinking outside the box.

Give me a name!

You were supposed to be dead.

Give me a name.

Without Remorse Cast

30 April 2021 (USA


Michael B. JordanJohn Kelly
Jodie Turner-SmithKaren Greer
Jamie BellRobert Ritter
Guy PearceSecretary Clay
Lauren LondonPam Kelly
Jacob ScipioHatchet
Todd LasanceDallas
Jack KesyThunder
Lucy RussellCIA Director Dillard
Cam GigandetKeith Webb
Luke MitchellRowdy King
Artjom GilzArtem
Brett GelmanViktor Rykov
Merab NinidzeAndre Vaseliev
Alexander MercuryOleksiy
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