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Movie                                                              »Rating : Details
VFX6.1/10☆ 1000+ Critic, Reviews
IMDb                        5.4/10☆ (Votes:12,290 )
Rotten Tomatoes   50%  (Votes:146)
In Theaters:              22 October 2020 (USA)
Hindi                         Yes
English                      Yes
In                            2D, 3D,
Director            Robert Zemeckis
Run Time          01:45:50
Rating Symbol     PG (Thematic Elements|Scary Images/Moments|Language)
Writer                       Robert Zemeckis (screenplay by), Kenya Barris (screenplay by) |
Awards                           0 wins ☆
Age                     14+
Genres                    Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Horror | Mystery
Budget                       $ 4.1 million
Box Office                $ 10.1 million
1 Day Collection                ( USA- $ .08 million )
( India- ₹1 Crore )
( Worldwide- $1  million )
1 Week Collection                ( USA- $ 4 million )
( India- ₹ 3 Crore )
( Worldwide- $ 6 million )
Studio:                     Warner Bros. Pictures
Production company                    Warner Bros. Pictures ImageMovers Necropia Entertainment Esperanto Filmoj
Double Dare You Productions
Produced by                 Robert Zemeckis
Jack Rapke
Guillermo del Toro
Alfonso Cuarón
Luke Kelly
Starring                     Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci |
Cinematography                   Don Burgess
Edited:                     Jeremiah O’Driscoll Ryan Chan
Country                    USA
Language                  English
Music By               Alan Silvestri
Filming Location                »Surrey, England, UK

The Witches (2020)

When a young orphaned boy goes to live with his loving grandma in a rural town Alabama, he and his grandmother face deceptive and evil witches and their queen,who unfortunately check-in in the same hotel in which orphaned boy and his grandmother living.

Genre : Fantasy / Comedy

Release date : 22 Oct 2020 (United states)

Directed by : Robert Zemeckis.

Produced by : Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Gulliermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, Luke Kelly.

Cast : Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Morgana Robinson, Jahzir Bruno, Chris Rock, Codie Lie Eastick, Kristin Chenoweth, Charles Edwards, Eugenia Caruso, Zeke Taylor, Phillipe spall, Eurydice El Eter, Simon Manyonda, Josette Simon, Orla O Rourke, Anna Devlin.

Music Director : Alan Silvestri.

Based on : The witches by Roald Dahl.

Distributed by : Warner Bros Pictures.

Budget : Not Available

Duration : 1 hour 45 Min.

Detailed information :-

‘The witches’ is a dark fantasy comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis, produced by Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Gulliermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, and Luke Kelly. It is based on the novel ‘The witches’ written by Roald Dahl in 1983. It is the second movie to be based on this novel. The previous film was ‘The witches’ directed by Nicolas Roeg. This movie is about a boy who recently started living with his grandmother in a rural town named Alabama. One day during shopping he is approached by a witch, who is trying to lure him with a beautiful snake and a chocolate, But his grandma calls him and witch disapper. Unfortunately the boy and his grandma check-in in the same hotel in which, all the witches from all over the world gathered together including their queen. Later the witches carried out their evil plan in the city and transform teenager children into rats, which are used to obtain power and youthness from them.

One of the interesting fact about this movie is that the lead actress Anne Hathaway was pregnant with her son jack at the time of shooting of this film. This is the second time Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci worked together. Previously they both worked together in the movie named ‘Devil Wears Prada (2006)’. In the book, the unmasked face of the Grand High Witch is described or shown as crumpled, decaying, and shriveled, along with her mouth and cheeks being cankered and worm eaten and serpent like eyes. But in the film, the unmasked face of the Grand High Witch is seen with only a few blemishes, a blistered scalp, and is considerably less gruesome. In the film, the hotel room number of Grand high witch is 666, which generally describe and associated with devil. Also the hotel room number of grand high witch is different in each version of novel or movie. In the original novel it is 454, in the first ‘The witches (1990)’ movie it is 208 and in this film it is 666. Further this movie length is 15 minutes more than the original adaption or previous ‘The witches’, which have the duration of 91 minutes.

This movie received mixed critic reviews, but the acting of Anne Hathaway is prased. This is available on HBO Max from 22 oct 2020. While it was released theatrically released in some cities and in some selected international markets on 28 oct 2020.

Story Line

Reimagining Roald Dahl’s beloved story for a modern audience, Robert Zemeckis’s visually innovative film tells the darkly humorous and heartwarming tale of a young orphaned boy who, in late 1967, goes to live with his loving Grandma in the rural Alabama town of Demopolis. As the boy and his grandmother encounter some deceptively glamorous but thoroughly diabolical witches, she wisely whisks him away to a seaside resort. Regrettably, they arrive at precisely the same time that the world’s Grand High Witch has gathered her fellow cronies from around the globe-undercover-to carry out her nefarious plans. Zemeckis is joined by a world-class team of filmmakers, including Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro and Kenya Barris. The cast includes powerhouse performances from Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Kristin Chenoweth and Chris Rock, with newcomer Jahzir Kadeen Bruno as the brave young hero. Written by Warner Bros./HBOMax
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