The Empty Man (2020 film) Reviews, Full Detailed, And More

The Empty Man (2020)

When a group of teenagers from a small Midwestern town, inculding a girl goes missing, an ex cop named James Lasombra came across to investigate the case of missing teenagers. But when he starts to make sense in investigation he discovers a secretive group, who is trying to summon a mysterious, supernatural and horrific entity.

Genre : Horror / Crime / Drama

Release date : 23 oct 2020 (United States)

Snake eyes ( 2021)

Directed by : David Prior.

Produced by : Ross Richie, Stephen Christy.

Cast : James Badge Dale, Joel Courtney, Stephen Root, Marin Ireland, Samantha Logan, Owen Teague, Aaron Poole, Evan Jongkiet, Robert Aramayo, Ron Canada, Tanya Van Graan, Jessica Mattin, Coner Dowds, Virginia Kull, Jamie- Lee Money, Sasha Frolova, Michael Bundred, sven Ruygrok.

Music Director : Christopher Young, Lustmord.

Based on :
‘The Empty Man’ novel by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey.

Distribution by : 20th Century Studios.

Budget : Not Available

Duration : 2 hour 17 min

Detailed Information :- The Empty Man is 2020 horror thriller film directed by David Prior, produced by Ross Richie, Stephen Christy. This movie is adaption of novel ‘The Empty Man’ Written by Cullen Bunn and Vanesa R. Del Rey. This movie is based on the story of an ex Police officer who investigates a series of missing teenagers from a small Midwestern town. when a group of teens begin to disappear mysteriously, the local residents believe it is the work of an urban legendary evil power known as the Empty Man. But as the retired cop starts to investigate and struggles to make sense of this mysterious story, he finds a secretive group of people, who are trying to summon a terrifying, mysterious and evil supernatural force or entity. And soon, this will cause a danger to life of those, who are nearby to him.

Actor James Badge Dale previously seen starring in mystery series named Hightown. which streamed from june to july in 2020. Also he is known from the roles he played in Iron Man 3, World war Z , 13 Hours, The Departed and HBO mini series ‘The Pacific’. And the actor Joel Courtney was previously seen playing the role of a highschool boy in a movie known as ‘The Kissing Booth 2’. And he is a well known actor and recognized him from the previous installment of Kissing Booth, which was released in 2018.

20th Century Fox released the trailer of this movie previously, and the movie is released on oct 23rd theatrically. But the cinemas are not reopened in some areas and where cinemas are reopening, they are open with only 50% capacity, also now a days people are scared to go to public places and theatres, they are choosing OTT platforms over cinema halls. so ‘The Empty Man’ may find himself haunting an empty theatre. The makers of this film is decided to release theatrically as the film was in development since 2016. Also it was first set to release on August 7 2020 and delayed by only 2 months, while the other movies which are scheduled to release in 2020, either postponed and pushed to 2021 or released on OTT Platforms. This movie mostly received negative reviews from both audience and critics. And if you already watched this movie ,let us in the comment section, what you think or feel about this movie and give ratings as per your liking of this movie.

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