Songbird (2020) Review, Full Detailed, And More

Songbird (2020)

Genre : Drama / Romance / Thriller / Sci-fi.

Release date : 11 December 2020 (U.S.).

Directed by : Adam Mason.

Produced by : Marcie A Brown, Michael Bay, Jason Clark, Jeanette Volturno, Adam Goodman, Andrew Sugarman, Eben Davidson.

cast : KJ Apa, Sofia Carson , Alexandera Daddario, Jenna Ortega, Demi Moore, Paul walter Hauser, Craig Robinson, Peter Stormare, Bradley Whiteford, Ethan Josh Lee, Michole Briana White.

Music Director : Lorne Balfe.

Written by : Adam Mason, Simon Boyes.

Distributed by : STX Films.

Production Company : Invisible Narratives, Catchlight Studios, Platinum Dunes.

Budget : Not Available.

Duration : Not Available.

Detailed information :– Songbird is an upcoming Hollywood drama and thriller based movie directed by Adam Mason, produced by Marcie A Brown, Michael Bay, Jason Clark, Jeanette Volturno, Adam Goodman, Andrew Sugarman and Eben Davidson. It is mainly based on the Covid-23 virus, which is believed to be a mutated form of Covid-19 in this film.

This movie is set in 2024 where a virus named covid-23, a mutated form of covid-19 is wreaking destruction in the world and all countries in the world has imposed lockdowns. It is mainly based on the story of a Courier boy named Nico from United States, who wants save his girlfriend named Sara from a quarantine camp, where people are forcibly quarantined and left to die. Nico must race against the time and Military forces,which is posted to restrict people to go outside ,he have to go to his girlfriend apartment by crossing the locked streets of Los Angeles in order to save his love. Sara was forced to shift to a quarantine camp when one of her neighbor is become infected with virus. Further the new virus (covid-23) has mutated in to form that it is now affecting brain tissues of people.

The Background music which you heard in the trailer is song of Bob Marley named ‘Three Little Birds’. In March 2020 ,the directer and writer of this film Adam Mason along with Simon Boyes suggested the idea of making a film on covid-19 pandemic to producer Adam Goodman. Later in may 2020 it was announced that Michael Bay along with Adam Goodman and Eben Davidson will make film about Coronavirus Pandemic. And the title of this film is decided as ‘Songbird’.

The actors and actress starring in this movie trained remotely or by following social distancing rules during the preparation for the shooting. Principal photography started in the first week of july 2020 in Los Angeles. And the shooting completed on August 3 2020. The shooting of this movie was done by following safety protocols ,which includes regular tests of crew members. The actors were told to maintain social distancing and maximum numbers for crew members was fixed to 40. Also it is the first movie which is shooted in Los Angeles in the times of lockdown caused by Covid-19. Although the trailer of the movie looking pleasant we have to wait for the movie to assess it is satisfying or not. Further it will be very interesting how audience will react to it.

Story Line

In 2024, when Covid virus has mutated and the whole world is in lockdown. In US ,people who are infected with virus are taken into quarantine camps without their consent. In this unpleasant time a motorbike courier race against the police force and new laws to save his girlfriend, who is shifted to a quarantine camp as her neighbor become infected with virus.
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