Morbius (2021) Reviews, And Full Information

Movie                                                              »Rating : Details
VFX6.9/10☆ Crew, Reviews
IMDb                        Soon/10☆ (Votes:00 )
Rotten Tomatoes   soon%  (Votes:00)
In Theaters:              19 March 2021 (USA)
Hindi                         Yes
English                      Yes
In                            2D,3D,
Director            Daniel Espinosa
Run Time          2h: 35:1 minutes
Rating Symbol     NR
Writer                       Matt Sazama Burk Sharpless
Awards                           0 wins ☆
Age                     14+
Genres                    Action, Adventure, Drama
Budget                       $ 00 million
Box Office                $ 00 million
1 Day Collection                ( USA- $ soon million )
( India- ₹soon Crore )
( Worldwide- $  million )
1 Week Collection                ( USA- $ soon million )
( India- ₹ soon Crore )
( Worldwide- $ soon million )
Studio:                     Sony Pictures Releasing
Production company                    Columbia Pictures Marvel Entertainment
Produced by                 Matt Tolmach Avi Arad Lucas Foster
Starring                     Michael Keaton, Jared Leto, Adria Arjona |
Cinematography                   Oliver Wood
Edited:                     Soon
Country                    USA
Language                  English
Music By               Jon Ekstrand
Filming Location                »New York City, New York, USA

Morbius (2021)

An upcoming American hollywood movie starring ‘Jared Leto’, directed by Daniel Espinosa in which a biochemist named Michael Mobius who tries to cure his rare blood disease accidentally infect himself with a vampirism like disease.

Genre : Action/Adventure

Release date : 19th March 2021 (worldwide)

Directed by : Daniel Espinosa

Producer : Avi Arad, Matthew Tolmach, Lucas Foster.

Cast : Jared Leto, Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Tyrese Gibson, Jared Harris, Michael Keaton, Al Madrigal, J.K. Simmons , charlie Shotwell.

Music By : Jon Ekstrand

Duration : Not Available.

Morbius (film) 2021 Reviews And Full Information

Detailed Information :-
This movie is based on a story of a biochemist named Michael Morbius (starring Jared Leto) who try to cure himself of rare blood disease but during his mysterious experimental treatment he get infected with a vampire like disease instead of curing himself due which he turn into a psedu vampire with superhuman abilities and an overwhelming desire for blood. Also like a normal vampire he needs blood whenever he is hungry or in order to survive. Although after drinking blood he becomes to a normal human. Michael Morbius turn his weakness into his strength by finding a cure that changes his body into a vampire like creature. Also, as we saw in the trailer when he turned into a vampire he senses are improved and his speed ,stamina and strength is also increased. when he is in his vampire like state his face changes into a bat-like creature, his bones become flexible and hollow so he can jump and fly like a bat. But he is not impregnable or invulnerable his body will face difficulty in repairing his wounds if he will not consume sufficient blood.

A very impressive fact is that the character of Moribus can be seen in the bonus features of Blade (1998). Also there are some rumors that Jared Leto will play another role of vampire in Vampire chronicles Reboot directed by Josh Boone, which turned out to a false news. But it is the Jared Leto second role in the movie based on comics after Tales of Black Frightener 2009. Previously there are rumors in the industry that this movie will be directed by F. Gary Gray but he declined to direct it. Also the trailer of this movie showed us some glimpses which were previously seen in the Bonus ending seens of ‘Spiderman far from home’ and it can be said that either way the closing scenes from spiderman matter in the world of moribus that will probably lead the MCU and Sony to make good plans for the sinister six, a project which is postponed by the studio when ‘The Amazing spiderman 2 didn’t performed well on box office. But when the ‘Venom’ movie was released it performed great on box office which convinced the sony pictures entertainment to rethink about their plan to make six different movies which will be based on stories how these different villains are developed and made. And just like ‘the avengers’ movie all the six villains will unite in the movie named sinister six.

Previously this movie was set to release on 31st july 2020, but due to coronavirus pandemic and less attendance of audience in theatres it’s release date pushed to 19th March 2021. Let see how this movie will perform in terms of collection and in terms of like,dislike and ratings.

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