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Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In The Heights

In the Heights centers on a variety of characters living in the neighborhood of Washington Heights, on the northern tip of Manhattan. At the center of the show is Usnavi, a bodega owner who looks after the aging Cuban lady next door, pines for the gorgeous girl working in the neighboring beauty salon and dreams of winning the lottery and escaping to the shores of his native Dominican Republic. Meanwhile, Nina, a childhood friend of Usnavi’s, has returned to the neighborhood from her first year at college with surprising news for her parents, who have spent their life savings on building a better life for their daughter. Ultimately, Usnavi and the residents of the close-knit neighborhood get a dose of what it means to be home.

Directed byJon M. Chu
Produced byLin-Manuel Miranda,
Quiara Alegría Hudes
Scott Sanders
Anthony Bregman
Mara Jacobs
Screenplay byQuiara Alegría Hudes
GenresDrama, Music, Musical
StarringAnthony Ramos,
Corey Hawkins,
Leslie Grace,
Melissa Barrera,
Olga Merediz,
Daphne Rubin-Vega,
Gregory Diaz IV,
Stephanie Beatriz,
Dascha Polanco,
Jimmy Smits,
Music byLin-Manuel Miranda
CinematographyAlice Brooks
Edited byMyron Kerstein
Barrio Grrrl! Likely StorySGS Pictures
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Release dateJune 18, 2021 (United States)
Running time2 Hours
CountryUnited States

In The Heights (2021) Trailer

Based on: In the Heights by Lin-Manuel MirandaQuiara Alegría Hudes

In The Heights (2021) Cast

1Stephanie BeatrizCarla
2Lin-Manuel MirandaPiragua Guy
3Ariana GreenblattYoung Nina
4Jimmy SmitsKevin Rosario
5Anthony RamosUsnavi de la Vega
6Chris Jackson
7Corey HawkinsBenny
8Dascha PolancoCuca
9Marc Anthony
10Melissa BarreraVanessa
11Alex WongDancer
12Susan PourfarHannah Hathaway
13Daphne Rubin-VegaDaniela
14Valéry LessardFemale Tourist
15Leslie GraceNina

In The Heights (2021 film) Lyrics

  • Let me just listen to my block.

It’s quiet. Usually the one train’s
up there screeching.

  • I have so much stuff going on.

Just got me thinking about all the people
I care about the most.

  • There’s a breeze off the Hudson

But just when you think you’re sick
of living here, the memory floods in

The morning light
off the fire escapes

The nights in Bennett Park
blasting Big Pun tapes

It’s a story of a block
that was disappearing.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land
called Washington Heights…

Who’s gonna notice we’re gone?
Say it so it doesn’t disappear.

  • Washington Heights!
  • Look who’s home!
  • Bad changes happening on the block
    since you’ve been at school.

When it came to dreams,
we had to keep scraping by.

  • Ice cold piraguas.
  • It’s silly when we get
    into these crazy hypotheticals

♪ You really want some bread,
then go ahead, create a set of goals

  • I’d pick a business school
    and pay the entrance fee

And maybe if you’re lucky,
you’ll stay friends with me

  • They used to say if you work hard
    and you live by the rules,

then things will come,
and those things will heal you.

I’m not gonna sit here
and give you some fairy tale.

  • Ignore anyone who doubts you.
  • ‘Cause this place…
    this is it.
  • Why-oh

One, two, three

  • I just wanna see the whole world
    through her eyes.

Let’s go!

  • Hey!
  • Go show ’em who we are.
  • Today’s all we got,
    so we cannot stop, this is our block
  • Whoa-oh-oh
  • Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh
  • This is the moment
    where you do better than me,

’cause you can see a future
that I can’t.

  • Sonny, you’re late.
  • You know you love me.
  • Hey, whoa-oh-oh

We could pay off the debts we owe

Oh, oh, oh

We could tell everyone
we know, oh, oh

  • We are not powerless.
  • Hey!
  • We are powerful.
  • Hey!
  • Tiptoe, and we’ll get the dough ♪

And once we get goin’,
we’re never gonna…

96,000, no tiptoein’

96,000, we’ll get the dough and…

we’ll get the dough and

Once we get goin’,
we’re never gonna stop

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