Hindmata (2021 Series) Official Trailer, Cast, Details, Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Presenting to you this year’s take on fun, fashion and feistiness! A show full of comedy & confusion.

Cast: Rashi Mal, Jayshree, Trupti Khamkhar, Shruti Jolly, Surbhi Sehgal, Manasi Rachh, Naina Sareen, Kajal Khanchandani, Bharat Bhatia, Shubhangi Lithoria, Asif Ali Beg, Shreyas Pardiwalla, Akshay Jha, Aprajita Bajaj.

Director: Srishti Jayin

Writer: Riddhi Kachhela

DOP: Kushal Banerjee

Music: Yash Narvekar

Producer: Manor Rama Pictures

Hindmata (2021 Series) Official Trailer

Hindmata (2021 Series) Lyrics

Greetings, Hindmata.

If you give me your valuable vote
in these elections,

then I promise you that…

You will get to eat cottage cheese
twice in a month.

Who cares for dairy products?

I have got you the real thing.

‘There are 1,350 jails
in our country,’

‘of which, 31 are especially
for women.’

These jails are home to
3,652 inmates.

‘I raise my voice, not so that
I can shout…’

‘So that those without a voice
can be heard.’

‘We will help you learn
how to stitch’

‘and make fashionable
couture outfits.’

‘One has to be really selfless,
being here…’


You are the hero!

Madam, she is very dangerous.

I am telling you the truth.


  • He was a bast**d.

He would go out and
tell the world,

that he was helping the poor.
I killed him.

Losses after losses,
after losses, year after year!

Manpower is expensive.

No one works for free.

If you can get me something
in the next fifteen days,

then probably, I can think of
a new collaboration.

Are you using this campaign,

to use us, as a cheap resource?

That is preposterous!

‘We have to deliver 300
dresses in three months.’

There are already 3 of us
in one cell.

How will five people stay?

That’s an internal matter
I think it will be a tad inappropriate.

‘I am dancing
for the first time, on camera.’

Everyone is clapping for me.

This place has turned us into scum.

Do you even care about the cause?

I have a brand.

Damn you… The world has no morals!

And, I have done more charities
than you ever have.


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