Hello Charlie (2021 film) Official Trailer, Cast, Details, Review, Release


Rating: 4 out of 5.


Movie Credits

Director: Pankaj Saraswat,

Stars : Aadar Jain, Jackie Shroff, Shlokka Pandit, Elnaaz Norouzi, Darshan Jariwalla, Rajpal Yadav, Girish Kulkarni, Bharat Ganeshpure & Siddhanth Kapoor

Genres: Comedy

Publicity Design : Rahul Nanda and Himanshu Nanda

Visual Promotions : Just Right Studios

Business & Marketing Head : Vishal Ramchandani

Casting Directors: Nandini Shrikent & Karan Mally

Director of Choreography: Ganesh Acharya, Adil Shaikh

Action Director : Manohar Verma

Makeup Design : Mehak Oberoi

Hair Design : Rohan Jagtap

Costume Design : Sheetal Sharma

Production Design : Shailaja Sharma, Abhijeet and Sonam Gaonkar ( Megamind Studios)

Lyrics : Vayu, Shelle

Original Score : John Stewart Eduri

Music : Tanishk Bagchi, Kanika Kapoor & Gourov Dasgupta

Sound Design : Ayush Ahuja & Udit Dusej

Music Supervisor: Ankur Tiwari

Editors : Chandan Arora, Mitesh Soni

Director of Photogrpahy : Andre Menezes

Additional Screenplay and Dialogue : Abhishek Khairkar

Executive Producer: Menaka Nagarajan

Co Producer : Kassim Jagmagia

Story and Screenplay : Pankaj Sarswat

Produced By : Ritesh Sidhwani & Farhan Akhtar

Release Date: April 9, 2021

Hello Charlie (2021 film) Trailer

Hello Charlie (2021 film) Cast

Aadar Jain
Rajpal Yadav
Elnaaz Norouzi
Shloka Pandit
Darshan Jariwala
Girish Kulkarni
Siddhant Kapoor
Bharat Ganeshpure

Hello Charlie (2021 film): Lyrics

Sir, both pilots have regained consciousness.

But the gorilla for the zoo is missing!

M. D. Makwana!

He has looted crores from the banks
and is trying to run away from Mumbai.

And he is coming to Mumbai.

Chirag Rastogi

aka Charlie.

He wants to do great things too

but he just can’t.

If you can take me to the Diu coast,

I can escape to Dubai from there.

If we put you in a gorilla suit…

nobody will doubt a thing.

You mean I’ll be on the street in a gorilla suit and…

What is your delivery?

A gorilla.

You mean… a monkey?

Can you take him?

I’ll do it, madam!

Doctor, Toto will recover, right?

Please call his family members.

He is no more, boss.


He’s back! He’s back!

Looks like you two have become close friends.

Let’s put him to work and split the profits.


what do we do if we suddenly see the gorilla?

What can we do, whatever has to be done,
the gorilla will do!

Sir this is beta!

Speak better!

Sir, not better! I mean, the alpha-beta beta!

You want to play chess?

I don’t think he’s got good intentions.

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